Technology: use wisely

October 14, 2011 at 1:44 PM Leave a comment

As I take a few rare vacation days “on the grid,” I felt it appropriate to share some of my thoughts. Think of it as getting to know me – or more accurately, my perspective on technology today and how information explosion is impacting society.

It starts with why and where I’m going.

I’m on a vacation spawned by Twitter to see bands I discovered through Pandora and fell in love with because of GrooveShark.(Not to mention booking on Kayak.)

I’m visiting San Francisco – a stone’s throw from the birthplace of company’s like Apple and the stomping grounds of folks like Zucherberg.

I’m a “digital native,” embracing technology as it emerges and simplifies our life (while at times thoroughly complicating it). Folks older than I are doing the same, and it’s hard to spot a First World citizen born post-AOL that isn’t doing the same.

Information sharing will continue to proliferate at inexhaustible rates.

I love the Web 2.0 world and am excited about what it brings. But certain aspects of it scare me. As with any frontier, the opportunities to succeed while doing right by humanity  are as prevalent as the opportunities to be distrustful and damaging to society.

Knowing that our and future generations will shape how emerging technology impacts society, I feel it’s my duty to be part of the upward march. To stick up for ethical practices the way a *real* PR counselor should. To influence audiences on the ways information-sharing technology can be used for better instead of worse.

I hope I can do that in my life. In my profession. It’s a desire of mine captured slightly by a few lines at the top of my resume, but really alludes to much more than a “professional objective.”

From the written word, to Guttenberg and the World Wide Web to a social Internet we now connect to via 3-inch screens, information consumption has an irreversible impact on society. It changes the way we live. And I revel in that.

Call me an optimist, but maybe that’s just ‘cause I’m on vacation.

Update: While in SF (or apparently unrelated to the trip), my Yahoo! Mail account was hacked and a link to “boner pills” was sent to everyone in my address book. A great, albeit awkward, reason to reconnect with some folks I haven’t talked to in a while, but more evidence that  good people are needed to fight “the dark side” of the tech industry!


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