I’m back! — Sorry I didn’t leave a note…

December 29, 2009 at 4:19 PM Leave a comment

No one likes to feel neglected. So I apologize to the marginally existent Steele Headed audience for my lack of postings the last few months. But amongst a busy school semester and working, I haven’t totally ignored social media.

It’s no secret that I’m (overly) active on my Twitter page, and spend a bit of time on Facebook.  Since my last Steele Headed post, I also started up a Posterous page, played around with blip.fm, transitioned from imeem to myspace and — of course — spent countless hours enjoying music from Pandora. Other SM activities can be seen at Delicious — which accounts for about 1% of my total “listening.”

But the majority of my SM energy for the last few months has gone into a blog I co-wrote with fellow PRKent classmate, Amanda Hayes. BuddingHeadsPR focuses on issues in PR/Marketing with a special focus on SM and issues faced by young pros. The blog took a debate-style format, and I’m NOT embarrassed to say that BHPR’s very first post beat my record for most views in a day, proving that either:

1) I’m not that interesting by myself


2) Everyone loves a good argument.

I encourage you to check out a few of the posts and leave a comment letting us know who’s side you would take. Though our debates generally had some overlap, we found it was a useful exercise to approach controversial topics from two distinct perspectives and try to “meet in the middle.”

As a side note, Amanda graduated cum laude from Kent State University’s honors college this month with a 3.7 GPA in the PRKent program. A two-time officer of the Kent PRSSA chapter, Amanda has nearly two years corporate PR experience, completing internships with two notable Northeast Ohio companies.

I’ve always admitted that Amanda is much smarter than I, but now that we’re both on the job market, I may be saying this a bit more quietly.

I’m only kidding about being quiet of course 😉


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