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Where’s Twitter going? NO WHERE!

In the land of SM, everyone seems to be looking for the next big thing. Be it the latest mobile application, music sharing site, or off-color mash-up, new toys are appearing in our SM playground everyday. And for those of us trying to utilize these tools to help our organizations or clients build revenue, we need to know which sites are passing fads and which sites are here to stay.

twitter bird cageThat being said, I’m here to make an official stance on the Twitter debate. Here’s some words from folks on either side of the Tw-ence:

Twitter’s a Fad – w/ stats to prove it (Wilson Research Strategies)

Twitter stats nearly half-baked (New Media Strategies)

So what do I think?

I think Twitter is here to stay.

Or to steal a line from Boondock Saints: Where’s Twitter Going? NO WHERE! (profanity warning on link).

And why do I think this? I’m taking my friends’ word for it. I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out first.

Like many others in the SM realm, I realize I’m an early-adopter of new technology tools and don’t expect them all to pan out. But recently, more and more of my friends, colleagues and classmates have been opening Twitter accounts.

And these aren’t PR/Marketing folks or tech-crazed junkies. These are, for the most part, Average Joes — well, Average Joes from Generation Y. A quote from my roommate sums it up pretty well:

“I signed up for Twitter today — I figured it was about time. I tried to wait it out as long as possible, but I knew I’d eventually join. Everyone‘s doing it.”

Well, okay. Not everyone is on Twitter. Nor will they be, but I remember this same phenomena among my peers when Facebook started to gain popularity in 2004-05 — except this time people are drawn to a network where they can connect with the likes of Shaq & Kim Kardashian.

To clarify, I realize Twitter has no where near the clout Facebook has. But it was less than four years ago when people were claiming that MySpace was the premier networking site and Facebook would never live up.

But I’m just speculating. What’re your thoughts? Is Twitter here to stay? Is it something you use now? Does it have perpetual value for you? Will Twitter ever reach Facebook-like membership?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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